Once in a while I like to try to write short-short stories (less than 1000 words) about odd things just for fun. Anyway, I came across this one I’d written a couple years back, and after taking a few years’ break, I’ve decided to pick up where I left off and add this little tale […]

Is the “population problem” a myth? In a way, I think it very well could be.  Before I try my hand at taking this question on, here’s a challenge:  Name just one problem that people say our growing world population is causing that couldn’t be solved IF money were no object and IF people were […]

Write a blog, they said…. OK. The idiomatic expression in Chinese 井底之蛙 (frog in a well) refers to someone who thinks he knows a lot, but in fact is sheltered from reality or is somewhat clueless. It comes from an old Chinese folk tale that goes something like this: